Features and Amenities

Elements Eco-Efficient Residences offers you the things you want in life while providing everything that you need. With its two towers, The Nerou Tower and The Aire Tower, having the most accessibility in comfort, leisure and lifestyle, Elements Eco-Efficient Residences is simply your home. The Nerou Tower showcases mesmerizing water features at the lobby and a sky pool while the Aire Tower has both Sky and Hanging Gardens. Elements Residences incorporates a number of eco-efficient features that promote energy conservation and recycling.

Elements Eco-Efficient Residences invites all kinds of conveniences and amenities to complement your modern urban living. Resort-style swimming/lap pools, child-safe indoor playground, theater room, a spa and wellness center, fully-equipped gym, Wi-fi lounge, business center and boutique mall with cozy restaurants and quaint shops are just steps away from your Elements.


Eco-efficiency in Home Building

Solar Panels

Elements Aire and Nerou towers are equipped with solar panels which efficiently absorbs solar rays converting it into electricity through the photovoltaic method. The power that has been generated by these solar panels illuminates the Sky and Hanging Gardens at night as well as the other common areas in the rooftop
Green Roofs

Green Roofs are building rooftops which are covered with vegetation. These serve many eco-efficient functions in a modern residential building. Elements own green roof, called the Sky Garden, serves several purposes, such as rainwater absorption, building insulation and creation of habitat for city wildlife. Taking this concept further, a multi-level Hanging Garden is incorporated in the midsection of the building to enhance the positive effects of the green roof. If more residential buildings will follow Elements initiative, these roofs and gardens could effectively lower urban air temperatures.
LED Lights

Light-emitting diodes(LEDs) is definitely a big advancement in lighting technology, improving further the energy efficiency of modern lighting fixtures. Here at Elements, many of the compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) in common areas are replaced with it's LED equivalents. This modification alone effectively saves up to 80% in electricity requirement to light Elements! LEDs have also an average lifespan of five years or five times that of CFLs and are much more environmentally-friendly as these light bulbs do not contain mercury.
Low Fixtures

Low-Flow Fixtures., Added to the innovation and technical aspects of the Elements Eco-Efficient Residences is the introduction of rainwater catchment facilities that provide sustainable source of useable water specially during rainy season. Collected rainwater is these facilities provides water to irrigate the Sky and Hanging Gardens, while reducing storm water runoff into the city's sewage system. These facilities also serve as a water storage system for building maintenance.

Elements business center and administration office will also partake in the eco-efficiency of the whole building. Recycling and reusing will be a common practice. From the use of recycled paper, to refillable ink cartridges, refurbished computers and rechargeable batteries. These are just some of the noble initiatives of Elements Eco-Efficient Residences which contributes to a greater work environment.
Rainwater Catchment

A simple yet very useful technology in water conservation is used in Elements residential units. Low-flow technology modifies common household fixtures which substantially lessens yearly water consumption of a typical family by up to 22,000 gallons! Low-flow technology is not only applied in Elements toilet fixtures but also to shower heads, bidets and kitchen faucets.
Smart Controllers

Smart controllers are indeed a smart feature in home and business structures. This technology dramatically improves energy efficiency of Elements by channeling electricity only when needed. Smart controllers installed in Elements common areas automatically switch lights on only when there is movement. These devices also regulate air conditioning in selected areas. These power-saving measures cuts overall operational costs of the building by reducing electricity consumption.